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"...words seem so deficient for explaining the depth of experience we all felt... I was being moved by sound, my whole body was light and vibrating..."

- Vancouver Yoga Review
 A new world is being birthed.

The time has come for all to remember -

We are One.



Matthew Kocel is a throat singer, healer and musical visionary driven by his mission to inspire unity through the universal language of music and sacred sound.

The harmonic overtones of his voice -  two, three, or more notes at the same time - vibrate the core of your being with extraordinary sensations, awakening a deep spiritual presence beyond words.

Matthew is available for concerts, group meditation, workshops and

“ Recently I had lost my daughter to cancer, leaving me devastated... After attending one of Matthew’s sound healing sessions, it was amazing  just how much better I felt afterward...all that stress in my body just disappeared and has not returned....Thank you for helping me get through a very difficult period in my life“

David M, White Rock BC, Canada

" ...it felt like I was flying..."
Leslie Dyck, Vancouver BC, Canada

"...shapes and colors were forming in the room..."
Marliee Linhares, Denver Colorado

"I felt the sound moving around and through my body..."
Darla Reynolds, Miami, Florida

"Your music has been such a blessing to me... I thank God that our paths have crossed."
Leilani Miller, Seattle Washington

"...in my life I have known that this holy place exists, but I have never really experienced it until now..."
Ellen Barnett, Denver Colorado
“It is mesmerizing and draws you in as only the human voice can. The sound is heard but it is so much more than auditory; it is experienced in the body.”
Tom Lich, Asst. Music Director, Mile Hi Church - Lakewood Colorado

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Matthew's Journey

Sitting quietly, I enter into the stillness.

I feel my body rooted in, connected to, becoming the Earth.

The entirety of the Uni-verse swirls around me.

I sense my companions on this journey as orbs of light arrayed across the luminous web that permeates everything.


The Sound arises.

Vibrating from the depth of my being it courses through my body.

My belly is the bellows, my chest and head the resonance chamber...

All of the bones of my cranium, even my teeth tingle with electro magnetic vibration as the Sound splits into multiple frequencies -- from piercing whistle-like highs to sub audible harmonics all at once, flooding the space around me with awareness...

An awareness that comes through me - not from me.

An awareness that ALL is connected....

ALL is Love...


The ONE is in ALL



Artwork by Mykal Aubry www.mykalaubry.com
(c) 2007 cover artwork "Surrender" Mykal Aubry
All Rights Reserved Use by permission only
Go to his website and check out his amazing visionary artwork. Thank you Mykal!

The recording of these pure sounds was masterfully engineered by the multi-talented Ben Long, of www.NoiseBuffet.com in Denver, Colorado. Thank you Ben!